Hotel Kesaar Palace

Welcoming Spaces, Grace.

Unwind with seamless walk-ins and exquisite room dining featuring the finest continental cuisine—a culinary haven for our guests. Elevate your daily rhythm at our in-house coffee sanctuary, offering respite from the ordinary. Elevate your stay with efficient and reliable lift services, ensuring the utmost convenience for our guests. Experience the epitome of convenience in our expansive, secure parking area, complemented by vigilant security and chauffeur service.

Java in Heights

“Elixir of contemplation, stimulating minds, awakening intellect, the profound symphony of intellect in every sip.”

Cafe Kesaar

Elegant Aura

Savor Authenticity

Relish Genuineness

Serene Solitude

Leh Latte

Discover indulgence: Freshly roasted coffee, home-baked delights, and more, all within our compound cafe.

Graceful ambiance, a symphony of solitude; Cafe Kesaar exudes an elegant aura for refined indulgence.

Embark on a culinary journey: Where flavors weave tales, and coffee whispers elegance.

An orchestration of authentic tastes with each bite and sip, enhancing the artistry of gastronomic delight.

Enveloped in tranquility, our cafe offers a haven of serene solitude for contemplative souls to savor.

Indulge in tranquility at Cafe Kesaar, where cultural fusion, scenic vistas, and exquisite flavors harmonize.

Why pick Kesaar Palace?

Doctor on call

Ensuring your well-being, our distinguished hotel provides round-the-clock access to a qualified medical professional, embodying unwavering commitment to guest care.

Emphasize Cleanliness

In our distinguished establishment, immaculate cleanliness prevails, ensuring a refined ambiance where every detail mirrors our commitment to pristine perfection.

Fast Internet

Experience seamless connectivity at our distinguished establishment, where high-speed internet ensures swift access.

Continuous Eletricity

Kesaar Palace boasts a seamless experience with a steadfast commitment to continuous electricity, guaranteeing unrivaled reliability.

Within Café

Nestled within our distinguished abode, Within Café captivates with allure, offering a haven for refined palates amid timeless elegance.


Elegance awaits at Kesaar Palace, boasting the exquisite Within restaurant where culinary magic unfolds under the expertise of a great chef.

Senic View

An opulent experience with panoramic 360-degree views, a testament to nature’s grandeur from every angle.

Laundry Service

Experience seamless elegance with our discreet laundry service, ensuring your attire is impeccably cared for, embodying refined hospitality.

Free Parking

Complimentary parking, ensuring convenience and exclusivity for your stay. Unwind with ease.

Elevator Service

Indulge in seamless vertical mobility with our exquisite Elevator Concierge Service. Elevate your stay with swift, sophisticated ascension, ensuring your journey through opulence is as smooth as it is luxurious

In-Room Tea Makers

Elevate your stay with us, where the art of hospitality meets thoughtful convenience. Each of our rooms boasts a tea maker, providing a warm embrace for tea enthusiasts and the convenience of boiling water at your leisure.

Travel Desk

Elevate your stay with our refined Travel Desk Service, ensuring every journey is orchestrated with sophistication and tailored to your utmost convenience.

Delighted Patrons

Ekta Jaiswal
Ekta Jaiswal
A warm welcome @reception Manager Ms Priya was really professional. Cooperative staff, awesome food, excellent hospitality. Perfect location - near to market. Thanks Team Kesaar palace, will definitely visit again, highly recommended.
BurnThe “Happiness” Flame
BurnThe “Happiness” Flame
This was an amazing stay I would have never thought of. All the staff were very helpful and always ready to solve any issues. Food was better 😋. The rooms were very luxurious never expected. Breakfast was enjoyable and had a good selection with attentive staff. Received good recommendations for food. The room was clean with the essentials. Priya was really friendly and very professional as expected.
Tanmay Kids Zone
Tanmay Kids Zone
Nice experience
Milind Gaikwad
Milind Gaikwad
Very good ambience, good service Priya helped us with nice information about the Leh and the things to buy
dilipkumar bhalsing
dilipkumar bhalsing
Very nice location,sevices,meals as well fantastic welcome and hospitality by Miss Priya Rana.
Pradip Mohite
Pradip Mohite
Very good Ambience,hospatility Good Reception service by Priya smiling face
Sudhir Nagarkar
Sudhir Nagarkar
Good ambience,prompt service from reception by priya Rana .nice meals .